Thursday, 27 June 2013


I only had this morning free and was hoping to head to Heptonstall to try and flash Vertical Speed.  Unfortunately, no one was free to climb, so I had to make do with a Woodhouse hit.  The temperature was nice when I arrived at 7:30, and conditions much better than on Sunday when I had an hour there with Ben.

I opted to do Ian's Roof again to get a video, and just enjoy it in cooler conditions.  It is a great problem, but no easier than Ian's Roof in my opinion.

As the Traverse joins Ian's Roof

Feeling pretty good, I walked over to the sheriff block to see how the Sheriff-less 7c felt.  Hard would be the answer, but much better than any other time I have tried it.  I found a better sequence for me today to get into and use the pocket in the face, but the start is always my weak area.  My core is a little stronger for the recent steep problems I've done.  Which meant I could do the start for the first time ever.  Psyched by this, it was game on, as I had finished the problem from the lip in the past, but could never start.  After falling from the last couple of moves a few times, and shredding my ankle, I final sent it.  A good eliminate, but not one my ankles will be rushing back to repeat.

Almost there
No pain, No glory! Or some rubbish like that!

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